The magocracy of Netheril was one of the ancient human empires of Faerûn. When the archmage Karsus destroyed the god Mystryl, the Empire's magical floating cities plummeted to the ground and were destroyed. A handful of cities escaped this fate; one founded the nation of Halruaa, which has since been destroyed by the Spellplague; another, Thultanthar, also known as Shade Enclave or just Shade, was pulled into the Shadowfell by Shar and escaped destruction. In 1372 DR, Shade Enclave returned to Faerûn and rebuilt the Empire of Netheril in its image.


People in Netheril used magic carelessly. Great wizards used spells to turn the mountains upside down, made them float on the air and built cities on them. Netheril was destroyed by Karsus's Folly: an attempt to become an avatar of Mystryl (who sacrificed herself and was replaced by Mystra) in a last ditch effort to save Netheril from the invading Phaerimm. When this happened, all magic ceased to exist for a time. Since Netherese cities floated above the surface, there was nothing to hold the cities up. Netheril was completely obliterated in one fell swoop. The remnants of Netheril was destroyed by the phaerimm, who would have destroyed the rest of Faerûn had it not been for the intervention of the sharn.

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