November 7, 2007

November 7, 2007 was the eighth night of the Blood and Gold campaign. The heroes did a drive-by on a bunch of orcs and tricked them with pies. A lot of orcs were smashed and loot was all over the place. 1260 Experience Points were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

Qawm and Ivellios Thornblade made contact with the Nether Mountain druids while Thulsa Doomhammer copied the scrolls he would need for the upcoming battle. Zichew Bejiad warned Ashnar the Humble of the orc danger and sent Mannock to alert Lady Icespear. Riders were sent to all nearby settlements, including Citadel Adbar, Sundabar, Newfort, and Reitheillaethor in the High Forest.

After tracking the Broken Arrow orcs back to their mountain lair, an old dwarven mine cut deep into the western face of Mount Oervhek, the saviors of Deadsnows ventured underground, unaware the dwarves had delved too greedily and too deep.

The heroes battled their way through waves of orc filth, using blade and bow and mining cart until they eventually reached Ugreth, the son of Obould Many-Arrows. The heroes defeated Ugreth and Respen Tuin finally took his much-deserved revenge on the worg Blackfang. Paron Andris found his friends Günther and Pierre badly beaten, and only Günther was still alive.

Quote of the Session

"I have good news and bad news. Good news: there's pie. Bad news: it's on fire." ~ Orc Warrior #3

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