King Obould Many-Arrows

King Obould Many-Arrows is the leader of the Broken Arrow tribe of mountain orcs based in the Spine of the World Mountains. Formerly the master of Citadel Many-Arrows (known before and after as Citadel Felbarr), Obould has since withdrawn his horde back to the Spine of the World to another stronghold called Dark Arrow Keep.

After a short alliance with the frost giant tribes in the Spine of the World, Obould besieged Mithral Hall. Eventually the heroes of the Silver Marches put an end to the orc king's siege, culminating in a duel between Obould and Drizzt Do'Urden. After a period of recovery, Obould's horde is again ready for war, but the orc king, who has noted a severe shortage of princes who remain living to carry on his name, seems to desire peace, much to his horde's chagrin.

Obould's youngest son, Ugreth, has therefore increased in value following the death of Urlgen Threefist, the son Obould believed (until recently) to be his last living spawn. Though he yet lives, Ugreth remains in the captivity of King Harbromm of Citadel Adbar (hand-delivered to him by the Silver Company), a stubborn old dwarf unlikely to return Obould's prince without a fight.

Game Statistics

King Obould
Level 13 Elite
Brute (Leader)
Medium natural humanoid, orc XP 1600
Initiative +8 Senses Perception +7; low-light vision
Blood of the Enemy aura 5; bloodied allies in the aura deal an extra 2 damage with melee attacks..
HP 266; Bloodied 133; see also warrior’s surge
AC 27; Fortitude 27, Reflex 24, Will 26
Saving Throws +2
Speed 5 (7 while charging)
Action Points 1
Alignment Chaotic evil Languages Common, Giant
Skills Endurance +14, Intimidate +15
Str 20 (+11) Dex 14 (+8) Wis 12 (+7)
Con 18 (+10) Int 10 (+6) Cha 19 (+10)
Equipment chainmail, +2 flaming greatsword (10th level)

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