October 10, 2007

October 10, 2007 was the fifth night of the D&D Summer 2007 campaign. The heroes ventured underground to defeat Vandar, who remains at large. 550 Experience Points were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

Rallying at the Temple of Lathander, Zichew Bejiad relieves Qawm of his wyvern poison with a restoration spell while Thulsa Doomhammer and the other heroes met with the Harper agent Evendur Moonbeam. They spoke briefly on the criminal Vandar and decided to track her down and bring her to justice (preferably at sword's end!). Evendur and Pavel joined the party and traveled to the Vandarhouse.

Breaking into the only locked building in the Vandarhouse proved to be a simple endeavor, and Paron Andris and Ivellios Thornblade soon led the charge against two fighters in Zhentarim service. In the rear of the old tavern was the entrance to an underground passage and the heroes quickly entered to catch the half-orc off guard. After an encounter with a rattlesnake, the heroes proceeded north, deeper into the caves.

Respen Tuin, leading the way through the darkness, soon became ensnared in a clever portcullis trap. The heroes endeavored for some time to free him, while fighting off guard dogs and dire rats. Qawm's flaming sphere lit the hallways and burned some of the rats while Paron tried desperately to save Respen from the pinschers.

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