October 17, 2007

October 17, 2007 was the sixth night of the D&D Summer 2007 campaign. The heroes continued their adventure underground to defeat Vandar. 900 Experience Points were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

With Paron Andris leading the charge, the heroes quickly defeated the remaining pinschers and their keeper. Further down the hall the heroes stumbled upon a secret meeting between Vandar and a mysterious dark figure. The dark figure and his two Zhentarim guards departed, leaving Vandar and her goons to confront the heroes.

Paron Andris and Ivellios Thornblade again led the charge against the foes. During the ensuing battle, Vandar took Pavel's daughter hostage. However, Thulsa Doomhammer's well placed ghoul touch spell paralyzed the half-orc, foiling her escape attempt. With father and daughter reunited, the heroes interrogated Vandar and offered her a chance to redeem herself. Vandar refused and met a swift merciful end at Paron's hands.

The heroes returned to Deadsnows with several of Vandar's newly freed slaves. Thulsa Doomhammer convinced the freedmen to join Deadsnows' militia, which now needs men to staff a new barracks where the old Vandarhouse stood. Zichew Bejiad began searching for a building in Deadsnows to serve as a workshop and base of operations for the heroes.

Quote of the Session

"She learned a valuable life-lesson—what ghouls taste like." ~ Thulsa Doomhammer

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