October 3, 2007

October 3, 2007 was the fourth night of the D&D Summer 2007 campaign. Two of the heroes were sent to prison while the others tied up some loose ends. 650 Experience Points were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

After their ordeal with the wyvern the heroes descend Mount Grimfang and return to Deadsnows.

Thulsa Doomhammer and Ivellios Thornblade are arrested for crimes allegedly committed in Snowtown. Ivellios resisted arrest and fled Deadsnows, taking refuge in the forests north of the town. Mannock, captain of the watch, pursued but eventually Ivellios turned himself in at the Temple of Lathander.

Vandar, owner of the Vandarhouse, claimed an attempt was made on her life by Ivellios and an unknown assailant (presumably Thulsa), and she had gone into hiding following her asphyxiation with an iron chain. Thulsa and Ivellios were also charged with the murder of a dozen of Vandar's henchmen and setting her tavern alight.

Zichew Bejiad and Qawm traveled to the home of Lady Arletha Icespear to claim their reward for the wyvern. Zichew obtain a tradesman's license to provide blacksmith services to the town.

Respen Tuin returned to the refuge of Feldys Oakshadow with what he believed to be her brother's sword.

Paron Andris and the Clerics of Lathander (including Ashnar the Humble) used a divination spell to locate Girard Velius and his missing allies, but could only glean a rough location; a cave to the west, deep underground, and learned that only one of them still lived.

In prison, Thulsa Doomhammer met a Dalesman named Pavel who claimed his daughter had been taken by Vandar and possibly sold into slavery by the Zhentarim. Thulsa and Ivellios were later attacked by some of Vandar's men. Ivellios was nearly killed, but was rescued by a mysterious figure wielding a spiked chain.

Later, a half-elf named Evendur Moonbeam revealed himself as an agent of the Harpers and used his influence with Lady Icespear to have Thulsa, Ivellios and Pavel freed (at least for the time being).

Quote of the Session

"Arson!?" ~ Ivellios Thornblade

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