Race Hobgoblin
Heroic Class Fighter 5
Alignment Evil or Chaotic Evil
Patron Deity Maglubiyet
Player Bryan Rittenberry

Ogan the hobgoblin reminds you of a disapproving father. He has narrow brown eyes that are like two patches of dried blood. His straight silver hair is worn in a ponytail that reminds you of a comet's trail. His skin is a light red, and he is tall with an athletic build. He has a hooked nose and a pointed chin, and dresses in a suit of scale armor flecked with blood and pieces of bone. He has a growling, brutal voice, but doesn't talk much.

Ogan became a mercenary after his tribe was destroyed by an adventuring company. Even though this adventuring company has eliminated his tribe, he does not resent them. He sees them as a worthy adversary.

Ogan traveled the land taking almost any job as long as it involved coin and killing. Ogan is motivated by greed and destruction. Ogan does not have any useful knowledge but makes up for it through his combat skills. He is a very brutal and eager to charge into any battle.

The Silver Company

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