Old Night
Shalara Swordshigh
Race Eladrin
Alignment Good
Patron Deity Corellon
Character Sheet

Old Night, which is properly a title, but synonymous with her name, Shalara Swordshigh, is one of the High Heralds of Faerûn. She is the caretaker and principal librarian of the Herald's Holdfast in the Moonwood, where she and her companions have lived for untold decades, possibly centuries—no one can be certain exactly how long they have been there. Shalara wears her hair pulled back and tied in a bejeweled bun of golden strands, but her most distinguishing features are her eyes, which are like formless clouds of turquoise and blue. She is a powerful spellcaster and a learned historian. Though the Heralds and the Harpers fractured in 1116 DR, Shalara, like most Heralds today, still share values similar to Those Who Harp. Despite being a compassionate woman with access to the largest library in the North (possibly even Faerûn), she offers very little direct aid to petitioners seeking an audience. She's simply learned too much over the course of several lifetimes to be able to offer a straight answer—she receives questions with patience and an enigmatic smile, but her replies are cryptic at best, and not terribly useful.

Game Statistics

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