The Outcasts

This article is about the Shifter Outcasts. For the troll known as "the Outcast," see Agarik. For the hip hop group, see OutKast.


The Outcasts, more commonly referred to as Shifter Outcasts, is the collective term for all lycanthropes and shifters who were exiled from the People of the Black Blood, or who left of their own accord and were later excommunicated. A far greater number of shifters than werewolves choose this path, hence the name. It is worth noting that this group is far from organized—though some have formed small bands, most just wander of their own accord, valuing their new-found freedom.

The outcasts are traditionally split into two groups, the original outcasts, and the recent outcasts. It is uncertain how these two groups view one-another, since the original outcasts disagreed with the traditional ways of the Black Bloods, but the recent outcasts disagreed with the nontraditional ways of the newest Bloodmaster.

Original Outcasts

Originally, the outcasts consisted almost exclusively of shifters that refused to adopt the ways of the People, and fled south hoping to be taken in by the town of Quaervarr and live quaint lives as woodsmen. However, the folk of Quaervarr were suspicious of these weretouched outcasts, and denied them entry. Some settled in small camps throughout the Moonwood, while others continued south for Silverymoon, where they continued to roam the North, sometimes as adventurers.

Recent Outcasts

Recently, with the ascension of Bloodmaster Jarthon Drael, lycanthropes and shifters alike who took issue with the new Bloodmaster's abandonment of several traditions left en masse. Jarthon was angered, and proceeded to purge the People of further dissenting voices such as these. The most vocal opponent of Jarthon, Sarissa Duncastle, left Claw Hollow during this time. Jarthon left Kuldus Droum in place as high priest despite his traditional ways, out of fear that he might take too large a group of his folk with him in exile.

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