Over Hill and Under Hill

After the battle with the troll Agarik the Outcast, the Silver Company and their dwarven allies traveled north toward Citadel Adbar. Along the road from Deadsnows was a small farmhouse, where the heroes and dwarves intended to rest. Expecting no payment in return for her barn, the mistress of the manor asked only for the safe return of her daughter's cat, the elusive Mr. Muffintops, who had ventured into the nearby woods and had not returned for some time.

In the forest, the Silver Company found a group of travelers beset by a ravenous band of gnolls, and managed to beat back and slaughter all of the canine humanoids. The leader of the surviving travelers, a halfling wizard named Halandar Proudfoot, explained that he had come from Newfort seeking a rare spell component: the sap of a living treant. When the group finally found Mr. Muffintops, they found him resting comfortably in the branches of an extremely large oak. Halandar's ranger goons instantly recognized the great tree for what it was, and moved to extract the treant's sap without its knowledge. However, the treant proved to be most perceptive. A fierce battle ensued, with the Silver Company refusing to aid Halandar in his pursuit—quite the opposite, in fact—and they joined forces with the tree. After Halandar's defeat, the treant (a druid named Huorn Stonetrunk) shared with them some of his treasures in exchange for tales of their exploits and the water from their canteens. The Silver Company triumphantly returned with the lost feline, and Huorn's alchemical knowledge turned the corpses of Halandar and his men into vitamin-rich fertilizer.

Back on the road, Thorin Ironhand explained to the Silver Company the legend of the fortress of Khundrukar, a haunted dwarven forge forgotten by some and feared by most. The fortress had once been the hall of the Stonehammer Clan, he explained, but now fouler creatures had taken up residence. Thorin also made known to them the existence of Grimlight, a fearsome behir that dwelt in the Cold Vale to the northwest. Less than a day later, the group stumbled upon a caravan—utterly destroyed, but goods intact. The creature Grimlight revealed himself, and the group fled to the citadel of Khundrukar for refuge.

The heroes scouted the fortress, battling a horde of goblinoids as they made their way deeper into the fortress. It wasn't long before the shaman Burdug, the lieutenant Old Yarrick, and even the chieftain the Great Ulfe had fallen before the might of the Silver Company. The dwarves relocated to the top floor of the citadel, and the Silver Company prepared itself for the long dark of Khundrukar…

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