Paron Andris
Paron Andris
Race Human
Heroic Class Paladin 11
Paragon Path Defender of Celestia
Alignment Lawful Good
Patron Deity Torm
Player David Stripp
Paron Andris

Paron Andris is a human paladin of Torm from the Vast. Descended from a Hound Archon Hero who fought in centuries past, Paron crossed the Anauroch Desert with his brothers of Torm in pursuit of a Zhentarim caravan. He joined the Silver Company and battled the forces of evil throughout the North. Paron, a strict adherent of the Code of Torm, has recently found himself denied access to a portion of his power, and now seeks the wisdom of the Herald known as Old Night. Paron has been romantically linked to Arletha Icespear of Deadsnows and a rumored dalliance with Tessarin Alaurun of Nesmé.

The Silver Company

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