Item Description Value Use
245 pp 2450 gp
8,159 gp 8159 gp
4,128 sp 412.8 gp
gems amethyst 100 gp
chrysoberyl 100 gp
golden pearl 100 gp
alexandrite 500 gp
topaz 200 gp
tourmaline 100 gp
bronze statue of a knight 50 gp At the tavern
prayer mat with inlaid gold thread 100 gp At the tavern
wall hanging of a forest in black ink 250 gp At the tavern
mithral circlet engraved with elvish poetry 250 gp At the tavern
oil painting of a royal wedding 250 gp At the tavern
painting of a sailing ship 500 gp At the tavern
dire weasel pelt 20 gp At the tavern
onyx hourglass set with malachite 250 gp party gear
black velvet mask w/ citrines Zhentarim award for prestigious service 105 gp party gear
silver comb w/ azurite inlay Elven. 1200 - 1300 years old 350 gp gift for Lady Icespear
Darkwood harp w/ ivory inlay Crafted by the Elves of the High Forest 3000 years ago 700 gp gift for Evendur
scroll of warp wood 150 gp
bracers of armor +1 (2) a pair of steel-banded bracers 1000 gp each
+1 studded leather (2) 1175 gp each
+1 breastplate (2) 1300 gp each
greatsword, masterwork 350 gp
fullplate, masterwork 1650 gp
longsword, masterwork 315 gp
rapier, masterwork 320 gp
+1 bastard sword 2335 gp
composite longbow, masterwork (+? str)

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