Pavel Renoir
Pavel Renoir
Race Human
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Waukeen
Character Sheet

Pavel Renoir is the financial manager for the Silver Company. He is short and thin with a dusky complexion and dark hair. He has a head for business and a silver tongue, with a talent for scrivening, calligraphy, and even document forgery. After the death of his wife, Pavel values nothing but safety and security for his daughter, Zora. He is quiet and reserved, and his patience (especially with the Silver Company) is the stuff of legends. Pavel has complete knowledge of the Silver Company's mercenary bands, and has the great cooking skill of a single father.


Paolo Renato had an ordinary merchant class upbringing in Sembia, and worked as an accountant for a Selgaunt merchant prince. However, business in Sembia relied less on financial sense and more on intrigue and assassination, so "Pavel Renoir" retired to Daggerdale and took a wife who bore him a daughter. When the armies of Zhentil Keep occupied Daggerdale, Pavel's wife was brutalized and killed and he was forced to flee with his daughter. They eventually settled in the sleepy village of Deadsnows.

When a woodsman found flecks of gold in his boot and the prospecting in Deadsnows began, an influx of settlers brought with it criminals of all manner, and with them the Zhentarim slaver Vandar. Due to Pavel's anti-Zhentarim sentiments, he soon ran afoul of the half-orc, and Vandar had his daughter kidnapped to be sold into slavery. Pavel tried unsuccessfully to kill Vandar at the Vandarhouse, and was eventually sent to prison for breaking several of Deadsnows' laws. In prison, Pavel met Thulsa Doomhammer, and the Silver Company, with the aid of the Harpers, later killed Vandar and freed Zora.

When the Silver Company left Deadsnows for Citadel Adbar, Pavel took over operations of their tavern, the Wyvern's Tail. He further invested a portion of their gains by purchasing the late Morwenna Dresdtinn's potion shop from her granddaughter, and used the rest to establish a storehouse and recruitment office in Silverymoon, a business which now employs dozens of mercenaries and caravan guards in the Silver Marches and the North.

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