Gold Dwarf

Unlike the shield dwarves, the gold dwarves maintained their great kingdom in the Great Rift and did not decline in terrible wars against evil humanoids. While they practiced some magic, they never acquired the hubris that caused the downfall of some human nations. Confident and secure in their remote home, the gold dwarves gained a reputation for haughtiness and pride.

Since the Thunder Blessing, many young gold dwarves have left the Great Rift and are exploring the rest of Faerûn. The folk of other lands have learned that while some gold dwarves are aloof and suspicious, for the most part they are forthright warriors and shrewd traders.


The ancestral home of the gold dwarves is the Great Rift, located in the dry plains of Shaar. Gold dwarven outposts can also be found in the Smoking Mountains of Unther and in the Giant’s Run Mountains west of the Vilhon Reach.

Racial Traits

  • +2 Constitution, –2 Dexterity. Gold dwarves are stout and tough, but not as quick or agile as other races.
  • Medium: As Medium creatures, gold dwarves have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Gold dwarf base land speed is 20 feet. However, gold dwarves can move at this speed even when wearing medium or heavy armor or when carrying a medium or heavy load (unlike other creatures, whose speed is reduced in such situations).
  • Darkvision: Gold dwarves can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight, and gold dwarves can function just fine with no light at all.
  • Stonecunning: This ability grants a gold dwarf a +2 racial bonus on Search checks to notice unusual stonework, such as sliding walls, stonework traps, new construction (even when built to match the old), unsafe stone surfaces, shaky stone ceilings, and the like. Something that isn’t stone but that is disguised as stone also counts as unusual stonework. A gold dwarf who merely comes within 10 feet of unusual stonework can make a Search check as if he were actively searching, and a gold dwarf can use the Search skill to find stonework traps as a rogue can. A gold dwarf can also intuit depth, sensing his approximate depth underground as naturally as a human can sense which way is up. Gold dwarves have a sixth sense about stonework, an innate ability that they get plenty of opportunity to practice and hone in their underground homes.
  • Weapon Familiarity: Gold dwarves may treat dwarven waraxes and dwarven urgroshes as martial weapons, rather than exotic weapons.
  • Stability: A gold dwarf gains a +4 bonus on ability checks made to resist being bull rushed or tripped when standing on the ground (but not when climbing, flying, riding, or otherwise not standing firmly on the ground).
  • +2 racial bonus on saving throws against poison. Gold dwarves are hardy and resistant to toxins.
  • +2 racial bonus on saving throws against spells and spell-like effects. Gold dwarves have an innate resistance to magic spells.
  • +1 racial bonus on attack rolls against aberrations. Gold dwarves are trained in the special combat techniques against the many bizarre creatures that live in the Underdark.
  • +4 dodge bonus to Armor Class against monsters of the giant type. This bonus represents special training that gold dwarves undergo, during which they learn tricks that previous generations developed in their battles with giants. Any time a creature loses its Dexterity bonus (if any) to Armor Class, such as when it’s caught flat-footed, it loses its dodge bonus, too.
  • +2 racial bonus on Appraise checks that are related to stone or metal items. Gold dwarves are familiar with valuable items of all kinds, especially those made of stone or metal.
  • +2 racial bonus on Craft checks that are related to stone or metal. Gold dwarves are especially capable with stonework or metalwork.
  • Favored Class: Fighter. A multiclass gold dwarf’s fighter class does not count when determining whether he takes an experience point penalty for multiclassing.

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