PC Relationships

This page outlines the relationships between members of The Ebon League and other characters.

Existing Relationships from Character History

Existing Allies (Canonized)

Existing Enemies (Canonized)

Relationships Developed as part of the Campaign

  • Shevaril Starcloak, the apprentice of Tessaril Winter, initially met the Ebon League on the wrong side of the battlefield, but since they freed her from prison and joined her rebellion, they've been on better terms. Now that Reardon is overthrown and the Ebon League is searching for Tessaril, Shevaril trusts them implicitly.
  • Lauritz van Aken, a merchant from Marsember, has been rescued from goblins by the Ebon League twice, and they also placated the restless spirit of his daughter Mina. Lauritz has seen the Ebon League demonstrate their character on several occasions and considers each of them to be his friend.
  • Rodrigo Vanzetti, as a Crown agent under the guise of the Lord of Eveningstar's head of security, offered unparalleled insight into the Lord's affairs and manipulated him in ways others could not, which the Ebon League eventually used to infiltrate the Lord's manor and overthrow him. Rodrigo returned to Suzail with nothing but praise for the Ebon League.
  • Cordelia Cormaeril, the bookish, shy daughter of the late Reardon, believes that the Ebon Leage shares her love of the winged cats known as "tressym," and Morthos the Deceiver used this knowledge and her mourning to take sexual advantage of her. He was surprised when he learned that he had taken her virginity, but he does get a +1 bonus against bloodied targets.
  • Cidolfus Alva Dolomite, the inventor, was rescued by the Ebon League from several experiments gone awry, and now he's redoubled his efforts to complete his greatest scientific achievement: a flying ship that operates entirely without the Art (that is to say, with the destruction of the Weave).
  • Lucian Sewell, a noble dilettante, has intimate knowledge of social affairs and access to all manner of secretive parties and recreational drugs. As a member of the nobility, he is also considered beyond reproach for misdemeanor and has considerable personal wealth. The Ebon League initially supported him in his quest to seduce Cordelia Cormaeril, but Morthos later decided to cockblock and eventually got it in.
  • Lagduf, the hobgoblin oracle, fled her tribe when she had a vision that her chieftain would be the one to kill her. The Ebon League hid her away in a dirty old tomb they found, and she is grateful for their intervention.
  • Nella Glitterforge is a blacksmith's apprentice and quite possibly an obsessive stalker who slept with Kilias Strongbeard at a party. Regardless, she brings fresh dwarven honey biscuits to the Ebon League every morning.
  • Maethlin the apothecary has betrayed his secret talent for poisons and poison-making to the Ebon League on several occasions. He considers James Hind his only real friend.
  • Charisbonde "Trueservant" Belon, high priest of the House of the Morning, helped the Ebon League free Shevaril Starcloak from Reardon Cormaeril. With Lord Cormaeril's death, he is taking an active role in stabilizing the town morally and spiritually.
  • Laenaya Whispersong is an elven thief who tries to enlist Tarak in her schemes.
  • Enid Cormaeril, Reardon's cougar widow is on the hunt! She's already sampled James Hind and savored the flavor, now she's out for another bite, or maybe just another member of the Ebon League. Either way, she's extremely wealthy and on a manhunt, at least until she returns to Suzail.
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