Race Gondsman
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Gond
Character Sheet

Prometheus R66-Y is the robotic assistant of the techsmith Cid Dolomite. He has shiny steel plating and a portly, almost dwarven build, though he lacks the requisite beard. In addition to his baseline software package, Cid had used Prometheus in his early elemental-binding experiments, affording him access to the arcane power source, which is uncommon for automatons. Prometheus lives to serve, and his programming does not allow him to harm humanoids except in the defense of other humanoids. Prometheus does have a tendency to accidentally set humans on fire, though, which is how he earned his given name. Prometheus has detailed files on his master's research, so in the past he had been the target of scientific espionage, but with the destruction of Lantan interest in the sciences has diminished.

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