Qawm and Tejas
Qawm and Tejas
Race Genasi
Heroic Class Shaman 11
Paragon Path Seasons' Herald
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Mielikki
Player Dave Hickling
Qawm and Tejas

Qawm and Tejas are two genasi whose souls share one body. They are bonded by a desire for revenge against the dark mage Forcas Forneus. Their appearance and mannerisms are based on the element they are currently manifesting.


Qawm, an earthsoul genasi druid from the Anauroch Desert, was a young foundling was discovered by a group of Bedine druids, who raised the boy as one of their own. Due to his unique elemental heritage, he was something of a prodigy, and eventually left the druids' circle in search of adventure. He was killed by the ghoul slaves of Forcas Forneus in the Icespear House in Deadsnows.

Tejas, a firesoul genasi, is a shaman who lives in the Plane of Elemental Chaos. He was in his home when a powerful magic tore a hole into the Chaos, pulling him through into the Prime Material plane1. After a short investigation, Tejas found that a powerful mage named Forneus came through the area and must have been responsible for the tear into the Plane of Chaos. While consulting with the spirits, he found the soul of Qawm. Qawm shared his knowledge of Forneus, and the Silver Company that pursued him. Tejas allowed Qawm's soul to be transferred into his body, allowing the two of them to share knowledge and experiences.

They began their search for the Silver Company and ultimately Forcas Forneus. They traveled to the Moonwood where they met with the Silver Company who was on their way to the Herald's Holdfast to gather any information on the skymage they could.

The Silver Company

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