Ramas-Teth Ankh
Ramas-Teth Ankh
Ramas-Teth Ankh
Race Mulhorandi Human
Class Wizard 9
Alignment Lawful Good

Ramas-Teth is a Mulhorandi diviner and worshiper of Thoth. The second son of a powerful trading family, he used his inherited wealth to pay for his magical training, finishing his studies well ahead of schedule. Ramas-Teth is accustomed to dealing with foreigners and people of power, speaks several languages, and keeps an excellent library at his personal estate.


As an adventurer in the Old Empires, he has had several hostile encounters with Thayan wizards, and this experience made him determined to oppose their plans whenever possible. He sought out Aluvauna in Arabel after a long journey, and is the first from his land to join the Guardians of the Weave. Most of the organization's information on wild magic and dead magic areas comes from his own library, and he keeps copies of the groups findings at his home. Though technically not a lieutenant, he is well respected and has filled in for the Skuld lieutenant from time to time. He enjoys making scrolls, and takes it upon himself to make copies of western spells his Mulhorandi associates might find useful.

Years with Thulsa

Ramas-Teth was not shy of taking a few Untheric slaves into his service. He valued their hardwork, natural talent, and was proud of Mulhorand's methods of indoctrination. Ramas-Teth took possession of Thulsa Doomhammer, intrigued by his brashness and a bold attitude that was backed by an unmatched skill. In Ramas-Teth's house Thulsa fared well, for, seeing that Thulsa prospered in all that he did, Ramas-Teth appointed him superintendent of the household. Years passed and Ramas-Teth's house grew in importance and responsibility.

One particularly uneventful year, the Pharaoh had an uneasy dream of seven lean oxen devouring seven fat oxen on the River of Shadows and of seven withered ears devouring seven full, ripe ears. Great importance was attached to dreams in Skuld and Pharaoh was much troubled when his magicians proved unable to interpret them satisfactorily. Ramas-Teth, holding his servant in high regard, took him to see the Pharaoh. Thulsa was able to foretell that seven years of abundance would be followed by seven years of famine. Ramas-Teth advised the king to appoint some able man to store the surplus grain during the period of abundance. The Pharaoh was pleased and set Ramas-Teth in charge of this business and conferred upon him other marks of royal favor[1].

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