Reardon Cormaeril
Lord Reardon Cormaeril
Race Human
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Siamorphe
Character Sheet

Lord Reardon Cormaeril was the Lord of Eveningstar, a village in northwestern Cormyr. Reardon was appointed Lord of Eveningstar after the previous Lord Tessaril Winter's disappearance and later abdication in absentia, believed to follow the loss of her magic at the onset of the Spellplague. Reardon was much less popular with the people than Tessaril was, exemplified in his assassination by the adventuring company (that Reardon himself chartered) the Ebon League.

Reardon believed himself to be involved in some sort of "noble fraternity" which exalted the aristocracy as the saviors of Cormyr, but he was actually manipulated by a cult of evil spellcasters. Still, for Reardon to have believed the lie, the cult would have needed to count lots of ranking nobles among its membership, right? How high up does this evil conspiracy go? Reardon's death raised a lot more questions than the one it answered…

Personal Life

Reardon refers to himself as "the King's uncle," but he is actually the cousin of Azoun's father, Rowen Cormaeril. He has been alleged to be a bastard son of Azoun IV (which would actually make him the King's uncle), but claims such as these are common and often unsubstantiated, given the late King's reputation for infidelity. Because neither the Obarskyrs nor the Cormaerils have acknowledged Azoun IV as Reardon's father, the claim is moot.

Reardon has never been particularly monogamous, but his affairs were always short and discrete. Though he's probably sired a handful of bastards, Reardon's three legitimate sons are known throughout Eveningstar and Arabel for their pranks, binge drinking, and insatiable sexual appetites.

Reardon is an avid sportsman and breeder, owning two enormous mastiffs and nine purebred horses. He often leads friends and other nobles on hunting expeditions through the forests near Eveningstar, and the dining hall of his estate has the massive head and shoulders of a dire bear mounted above his fireplace. He'll often tell an embellished story about how he managed to kill it, complete with showing off a tiny scar on his forearm, more likely from one of his daughter's tressym.

Cormaeril Family Tree

When it was revealed in 1341 DR that House Cormaeril was connected to the Fire Knives, the house was exiled and fled to Westgate. Those who had distanced themselves from the family's central leadership were spared this fate, and the family's holdings trickled down through a series of second cousins and in-laws. Reardon is the great nephew of Lord Targeth Cormaeril, but he has long denied any contact with this branch of the family tree.

Political Career

During the Goblin War, Reardon and Aleister Dragonguard traveled to Eveningstar and financed a militia that joined in the siege to retake Arabel. Though their the campaign was successful, many Cormyreans were killed in the battle, including Reardon's heir apparent, Gavin, which created a deep rift between their two noble houses. Now that royal matchmakers have negotiated a marriage between Aleister's son Konrad and Reardon's daughter Deirdre, it is expected their fathers' rivalry will cool.

Reardon was a thirty-year veteran of the Royal Court in Suzail serving under King Azoun IV, the Regent Alusair Obarskyr, and later King Azoun V until his appointment as Lord of Eveningstar. He was politically neutral during most of the traditionalist Azoun IV's reign, a warhawk conservative during adventurer Alusair's regency, and had become a social liberal under the fledgling Azoun V. His rivals believe that this does not represent Reardon's values changing over time; rather, they believe this was meant to take fullest advantage of the monarchy's inherent spoils system, which is most evident in his recent Lordship over Eveningstar.

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