Region High Forest
Power Center Conventional
Alignment Chaotic Good
Authority Figure Siluele Taemelsin
Population 640
Primary Source Silver Marches

Reitheillaethor1 (rye-thigh-way-eh-thor) is a wood elf village in the High Forest and the hometown of Ivellios Thornblade.

Life and Society

On the banks of the Heartblood River, near its northernmost bend, lies a large, well-defended village of wood elves. Many of the elves come and go as they please, and so over the course of seasons many new faces appear while familiar ones vanish, seeking new dwelling places elsewhere in the forest. The elves of Reitheillaethor vigorously patrol the eastern portion of the forest and keep a wary eye on the Dire Wood to the south.

Game Statistics


Reitheillaethor (village): Conventional; AL CG; 200 gp Limit; Assets 6,400 gp; Population 640; Isolated (wood elves 84%, moon elves 8%, half-elves 5%, sun elves 2%, others 1%).
_ Authority Figures: Lady Siluele Taemelsin, CG female moon elf Ftr4/Wiz7
_ Important Characters: Captain Hulrune Silverbow, NG male wood elf Rog2/Ftr9 (leader of the village’s scouts and guards) Lady Jaementhe, NG female wood elf Clr9 of Solonor; Fomoyn the Swift, CN male wood elf Rog6/Rgr2
_ Village Scouts—Rgr7, Rog6, Rgr5, Bbn4, Bbn3, Rog3 (2), Bbn2, Rgr2, Rgr1 (2)
_ Archers—Ftr7, Ftr5 War4 (2), Ftr3, War3 (5), Ftr2, War2 (7), War1 (36)
_ Others—Brd8, Brd5, Brd3, Brd2, Brd1 (3), Clr5, Clr4, Clr1, Drd6, Drd4, Drd3 (2), Drd1 (3), Ftr3, Ftr1 (2), Mnk4, Mnk2 (2), Mnk1 (2), Pal4, Rog4, Rog2, Rog1 (2), Sor5, Sor4 (2), Sor2 (2), Sor1 (2), Wiz7, Wiz6, Wiz4, Wiz3 (2), Wiz2 (2), Wiz1 (2), Adp3, Adp1 (3), Ari5, Ari4, Ari1 (2), Exp7, Exp5 (2), Exp4 (2), Exp3 (2), Exp2 (3), Exp1 (10), War6, War5, War2 (2), War1 (5), Com9, Com8, Com5 (2), Com4 (3), Com3 (7), Com2 (35), Com1 (439)

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