Respen Tuin
Respen Tuin
Race Drow
Heroic Class Swordmage 10
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Eilistraee
Player Brad Balach
Respen Tuin

Respen Tuin is a drow swordmage of the House Tuin'Tarl in Menzoberranzan. Abandoning the cut-throat society of the drow beneath the surface, Respen left the Underdark for greener pastures, joining his brethren in the worship of Eilistraee. After the High Hunt in the Nether Mountains, Respen left for Citadel Adbar. After the last High Hunt he handed off Eilistraee's Moonblade, but when the new wielder went missing, Respen has determined to recover the sword himself.


Respen Tuin was the third son of a Menzoberranzyr spymistress and one of her enforcers. His mother’s first two sons were from a previous dalliance and later with Respen’s father bore a single daughter. Both of his parents worshiped Eilistraee, the goddess of good drow. Though he honored his mother’s faith, Respen put little stock in the Dark Maiden’s dogma of kindness—only an individual of great personal power could precipitate such a change—or so he believed.

Shackled by the restraints of masculinity in a matriarchal society, Respen left Menzoberranzan for the surface. He found Silverymoon inhospitable to drow and sought a more sprawling and worldly metropolis—and he found it in Waterdeep. The City of Splendors was not without its perils, but Respen was soon acknowledged as his mother’s son, a capable and dependable broker of information. The business was lucrative but short-lived and Respen soon became something of a nomad.

Respen heard whisperings and rumors of Vandar, a half-orc spy with Zhentarim connections living in the village of Deadsnows. Though he initially sought employment as a spy, hoping to earn some coin while making connections, violence between Respen's traveling companions and Vandar escalated and the drow's terms of his employment were nullified.

In the orc-prince Ugreth's "throne room" in the bosom of Mount Oervhek, Repsen encountered the worg who stalked him since he first set off on his travels to Deadsnows and he quickly dispatched the beast.

While reopening the Vandarhouse (as the Wyvern's Tail), Respen and his dark elf Sisters and participated in Eilistraee's holiest holiday, the High Hunt. Respen brought news to his comrades and invited them as well. The Silver Company was victorious and they were awarded with Eilistraee's Moonblade, then a +1 alchemical silver frost bastard sword. Before returning to the celebration at the Wyvern's Tail, Respen and the Silver Company were assaulted by his eldest brother, Bruherd. Respen actually cared very little about his brother's reasons for showing himself—he simply wished to rid himself of this nuisance. Ever since Respen's youth, he and his brother have feuded, each coming close to killing the other. Respen was able to get the final laugh and took Bruherd's life.

The Silver Company

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