Riddles in the Dark

Delving into darkness, the Silver Company battled through a swarm of stirges and burned their nest with a fireball spell. When the heroes came upon a pack of troglodytes, they skipped pleasantries and instead exchanged arrows and javelins. Drago Lundgren and his incredible speed kept one of the reptilian scouts from releasing a captive dire bear until Ivellios Thornblade could befriend it and release it into the wild. The Silver Company eventually tracked the troglodytes back to the source, a series of shallow, mud-covered caves. The trogs defended these warrens to the last, with the heroes claiming the head of their chieftain Kaarghaz thanks to a clever ruse by the polymorphed Thulsa Doomhammer.

Entering a field of mushrooms, the Silver Company was beset by a tentacled beast who blended perfectly with his surroundings, a roper. They found themselves disadvantaged as the magical beast sapped their strength and left them paralyzed, but eventually through sheer strength of arms they overcame the creature.

Deeper still, the heroes discovered a gnome enclave unknowingly beset by driders. The heroes killed the driders and their spider minions, but were then attacked by wererats, who upon death were revealed to be the very gnomes the Company had meant to protect. Their leader, Bumblebrand Bimpkin, may have infected Respen Tuin and Drago Lundgren. The heroes collected what they could and freed the gnomish prisoners destined to be Bumblebrand's 'queens' and prepared to enter Durgeddin the Black's forge.

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