Rimespire was the semi-permanent settlement of the eponymous goliath tribe of the Storm Horns in northern Cormyr. Every winter, about 200 nomadic goliath hunkered down here to endure the heavy snowfalls of the region. This formed the backbone of trade between the Rimespire goliath and Arabel, Eveningstar, and Tyrluk, because it was the only time human merchants can reasonably find and trade for goliath goods. Rimespire fell in 1385 DR to a goblin horde, but due to the settlement's ramshackle and temporary nature, it would not take much effort to rebuild.


Rimespire was founded in 1374 DR around the frozen mountain lair of the dragon Thrym by the shaman Dagoth. When the Red Hand goblin tribe stormed out of the Stonelands and marched on Rimespire. The goliath rallied and quickly raised a defense which beat back the invaders, but their warriors and supplies were too depleted to last through the siege that followed and Rimespire fell to the goblin menace. The survivors fled into the wilds with little more than hope, but their future looks grim without the intervention of heroes such as the Ebon League.


The white dragon Thrym was once a thorn in the side of the goliath of the Storm Horns, who united under the chieftain Sarsoak to kill him. In the wake of the dragon's death, the goliath too had been obliterated, and the survivors were forced to abandon their tribes and unite under Dagoth and Sarsoak's eldest son Risar to form the Rimespire tribe. Sarsoak's other son, Bolthor, was too young to take part in the battle, but grew up to be a mighty warrior like his father, but disappeared suddenly several years later.

The goliath of the Storm Horns venerate Grumbar the Earthlord, but increasing contact with the humans and of Cormyr have led to a rise in tributes to Tempus, Chauntea, Waukeen, and especially Amaunator, due to a series of missionary efforts from the House of the Morning in Eveningstar.

Important Sites

Rimespire is located at the base of a sheer cliff which leads to a snow-capped peak from which it draws its name, where strong, gusty winds keep the actual snowfall lower than the surrounding area. The cliff is a treacherous climb to the mouth of the chieftain's cave, while continuing up the spire is nearly impossible. The strongest and bravest of the goliath often challenge each other to climb to the top, but thus far none have succeeded.

Apart from three wooden lodges, all buildings in Rimespire are leather yurts made from rothé or sharada hide. One of the lodges is set aside as a temple, though it bears the hallmark of no god. Goliath worshipers typically beseech their ancestors in this place, though offering prayers to Grumbar or Amaunator is also common. The remaining lodges serve informally as meetinghouses, but occasionally they are used as barracks or inns for travelers or warriors when other sleeping arrangements are impractical.

Animals and Monsters

The Rimespire goliath are not herders, but do occasionally keep small numbers of rothé, sharada, or mountain goats. As winter's icy chill overcomes the camp and grazing becomes impossible, these animals are typically slaughtered, and their meat is frozen and their hides are put to use making armor and clothing for the tribe, and repairing their yurts as necessary.

The Rimespire goliath often battle the monsters and evil humanoids of the Storm Horns, which include ferocious gnoll bands and orc tribes, remorhazes and frost worms, and even frost giants. During the summer months, when the passes melt and travel becomes simpler, the Rimespire goliath frequently battle monsters from the nearby Stonelands, such as goblin tribes and manticores.

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