Race Goliath
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Grumbar
Character Sheet

Risar is a goliath barbarian from the Storm Horns and the older brother of Bolthor. He is the strongest goliath who survived the raid against the white dragon Thrym and struck the killing blow. Although he does not currently have the experience required to lead the tribe, it is suspected that when the current chief Dagoth steps down, he will become the new chieftain. Although he would never admit it, he considers Bolthor his greatest rival in the tribe.

When the Red Hand's elite Crimson Talon unit invaded Rimespire, Risar and four veterans who survived the battle with Thrym met the powerful unit and were nearly a match, but Risar was beaten back and his veterans were killed. He stumbled away bloodied and possibly mortally wounded, but his fate is currently unknown.

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