Rockslide is a dwarven dice game that is also popular with halflings. It is also played by goliaths and other races using painted knuckle bones. In human kingdoms, particularly in Cormyr, it is usually replaced by Purple Dragon Dice.


Rockslide is played between two players. Each of them rolls five six-sided dice, and compares the dice to known outcomes. Each player has three rolls, and between them can "keep" as many or as few as they desire. The result of the third roll (if necessary) is compared to the list of hands, and a winner is determined.

The values are in ascending order.

Elven Warrior No meaningful hand.
Dwarven Warrior Three of the same face.
Dwarven Defender Four of the same face.
Clan Feast Three of the same face, and two of another matching face (sometimes called a "full house")
Mudlside Four faces in ascending order, i.e. 1a.gif 2a.gif 3a.gif 4a.gif, 2a.gif 3a.gif 4a.gif 5a.gif, or 3a.gif 4a.gif 5a.gif 6a.gif.
Rockslide Five faces in ascending order, i.e. 1a.gif 2a.gif 3a.gif 4a.gif 5a.gif or 2a.gif 3a.gif 4a.gif 5a.gif 6a.gif.
Dwarven King Five of the same face.

Ties are broken by summing all five dice, regardless of high hand. When neither player has managed to score with his hand, the tie is still broken in this way. This is called an "Elf Slap-Fight."


Cheating is uncommon in Rockslide, probably because of the lawful reputation of the dwarves. Regardless, if a player wishes to cheat, he makes a Bluff or Thievery check, which is opposed by an Insight or Perception check, respectively. If he succeeds, he can roll an additional time. If he fails by any amount, he is caught cheating and must forfeit the hand. Legal consequences for cheating are usually severe, and can include banishment, but in some seedier locations you have to escape the table, first.

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