Sir Roland the Praetorian
Sir Roland the Praetorian
Race Human
Alignment Lawful Good
Patron Deity Torm
Character Sheet

Sir Roland the Praetorian is a human paladin of Torm from the Vast. He is the lover of Ivoire de Montauban and the friend and commanding officer of Paron Andris.


Born in the Anauroch Desert to a single mother and never having known his father, Roland was discovered by a band of clerics crossing the desert. Though he was just a boy, Roland had incredible potential and his divine blessing was undeniable. He was spirited away from his mother and began his training as cleric of Torm.

As he reached adolescence, it became apparent that Roland was as well suited to the martial arts as the divine arts, and so his superiors shifted focus and Roland was trained instead as a paladin. He was a brutal warrior and an efficient tactician and soon became a popular figure in the church, eventually forming his own knighthood, the Order of Praetorians.

When a holy war (jihad) began among the Bedine tribes of the Anauroch, Roland's mother was caught in the crossfire and was killed. Roland and the Praetorians struck swiftly and mercilessly slaughtered an entire tribe of desert folk. Roland considered leaving the order for a time, but remained at the request of the church.

Sir Roland soon met Ivoire de Montauban, a young paladin of Torm. The two became fast friends and lovers and she joined his order soon after. Roland loved her and was finally able to put his mother's death behind him with her help.

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