Rolen Oakshadow
Rolen Oakshadow
Race Half-Elf
Alignment Good
Patron Deity Sharess
Character Sheet

Rolen Oakshadow is a tressym breeder, dealer, and enthusiast living in Eveningstar. He has coke-bottle glasses and medium brown hair that's kept gelled up in a coif he calls "the flock of tressym." He is an eccentric expert at best, or an obsessive weirdo at worst. He has converted his shed into an aviary filled with dozens of domesticated tressym that he's left to breed themselves retarded. Whenever he's short on cash, he'll round up a few of the less "special" kittens and pawn them at the local farmer's market. After an encounter with the Ebon League, he's introduced some new blood into his aviary, and (with any luck) in a few generations his kitties should be saved.

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