Rrek Lar’il
Rrek Lar'il
Race Githzerai
Heroic Class Monk 1
Alignment Unaligned?
Patron Deity Zerthimon
Player Brad Balach
Rrek Lar'il

Rrek Lar'il is a young githzerai monk raised in seclusion in the Thunder Peaks at a monastery dedicated to silent reflection. The monastery was built among the Thunder Peaks because of the turmoil that the locale brings; the githzerai who built it felt at home within the chaos after arriving from Limbo, and they believe if one can achieve inner peace within the chaos of the area then they can achieve anything.

Rrek was sent to the port of Marsember to bring back documents to the monastery. The Zerths of the order sent Rrek because of his strength of will. Rrek has been known to be able to complete his daily chores and tasks even during an attack from the neighboring goblins and orcs.

The Silver Company

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