Scriptures Of Deceit

The Scriptures of Deceit are a sacred object featuring in gnomish literature and certain gnomish religious traditions. The Scriptures of Deceit are most often identified as a spellbook, tablet, or set of scrolls carried by Garl Glittergold during the Time of Troubles and are said to possess miraculous power.

Scholars (gnomish and otherwise) hotly debate the nature of the Scriptures.

  • Most arcane scholars believe the Scriptures to be a physical object used by Garl while teaching magic to the gnomes. This school of thought promotes that the Scriptures lack any residual power. If they survived the ravages of time, they are simply a historic curiosity, albeit, of one of some religious significance.
  • Many romanticists and divine scholars believe that the Scriptures of Deception are a real physical object used by Garl Glittergold and possess incredible divine power. The Scriptures allegedly possess the power of faith healing, the power to smite gnome's enemies (frequently identified as formians or kobolds),the power to create vivid hallucinations, and the ability to deceive time, space, and reality.
  • Many literary scholars believe that the Scriptures of Deception never existed, but often equate the search the relic with a quest for spiritual growth. In fact, many gnomish oral traditions are built around a hero's quest for the Scriptures.
  • More than a few conspiracists insist that the Scriptures of Deception are actually refer to Garl's earthly bloodline.
  • A few gnomes even suggest that the idea of the Scriptures of Deception is simply a practical joke, perpetrated by Garl himself.
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