September 19, 2007

September 19, 2007 was the second night of the D&D Summer 2007 campaign. The heroes entered the town of Deadsnows and later went in search of their missing allies. 400 Experience Points were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

Arriving at the town of Deadsnows, the heroes found it to be in something of a state of martial law. Each hero went about his personal business.

Thulsa Doomhammer visited the potion shop of Morwenna Dresdtin, where he collected a crate of six potions destined for Vandar, owner of the Vandarhouse tavern. He attempted to deliver the potions, but ran afoul of a half-orc bartender.

Ivellios Thornblade sought out a half-orc fighter who had participated in his family's murder. Inside the Vandarhouse, Ivellios found his quarry and took revenge.

Respen Tuin's aspirations of performing the duties of information broker to Deadsnows put him temporarily in the employ of Vandar herself. Later, he was ambushed by a worg previously defeated, and Respen was defeated and possibly killed.

Paron Andris, Qawm, and Zichew Bejiad met with Ashnar the Humble in the temple of Lathander and learned about some of the perils befalling Deadsnows. At this time, they also learned their allies, the paladins Girard, Pierre and Gunther had gone missing. They made their way to the highland plains above town, where the local shepherds were in dire need of assistance, which they graciously offered.


At present, all of the heroes are staying in one of the shepherds' homes, except for Respen Tuin, whose fate is unknown. Ivellios Thornblade, though he has taken revenge on one of his assailants, is now left without any clues to find the others. Paron Andris' allies remain lost. Qawm's animal companion, a desert coyote, was found killed by orcs.

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