September 26, 2007

September 26, 2007 was the third night of the D&D Summer 2007 campaign. The heroes climbed Mount Grimfang and battled a wyvern. 780 Experience Points were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

Awakening in an unfamiliar hovel made from sod and deadwood, Respen Tuin meets the wood elf druidess Feldys Oakshadow. Having cured Respen's wounds, she asks in return only that he complete a quest for her: slay the creature that has been terrorizing wildlife around Mount Grimfang. Respen leaves for the upland pastures in the foothills of Mount Grimfang.

Waiting overnight in the upland pastures, hoping to catch a glimpse of the creature hunting local livestock, the remaining heroes ascend Mount Grimfang when dawn comes uneventfully. The climb proves a difficult one, but they eventually reach a rocky outcropping housing a large nest and a sleeping wyvern.

The uphill battle was fierce and difficult, with the wyvern launching aerial attacks at the land-bound heroes. Eventually, thanks to Qawm's splinterbolts, Zichew Bejiad's spiritual weapon, Thulsa Doomhammer's magic missiles and Ivellios Thornblade's arrows, the wyvern fell from the sky defeated, and Thulsa smote his ruin upon the mountainside.

Descending the mountain without their friends, Ivellios and Zichew battled a pair of worgs, killing one and driving off the other. Treasure-laden Qawm, Thulsa and Respen soon descended the mountain as well.

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