The shades are among the most menacing races on Toril, and they are widely feared throughout Faerûn. Shades are the result of humanoids touched and overcome by the magic of the Shadowfell. Led by the machinations of Shar and the Twelve Princes, shades have become dark reflections of the power that long ago infused them with magical might.

Although most shades are confined to Netheril, individual occurrences exist throughout Faerûn. Many shades travel abroad, acting on behalf of their empire and working to sow chaos among good nations or forge alliances with other malefactors. Their adept use of magic and access to the powers of the Shadowfell make even a single shade a force not to be trifled with.

Shades are generally cool and calculating, remaining silent and unseen when possible. They usually have a dark purpose to which they are devoted, though stories tell of instances of shades acting out of beneficence or rebellion toward an individual’s kin. The Shadowfell is not an inherently evil place, and each shade has a choice whether or not to obediently follow the commands of its people.

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