Shevaril Starcloak
Shevaril Starcloak
Race Half-Elf
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Selûne
Character Sheet

Shevaril Starcloak was the most recent apprentice of Lady Tessaril Winter of Eveningstar, with whom she shared that beautiful love between two women, a completely natural union whose warm embraces and soft caresses we dare not elaborate upon herein. She is a gifted spellcaster clad in a brilliant suit of mithral chain armor, with short brown hair and sapphire eyes. In the wake of the Spellplague, she disappeared at the same time Tessaril did, and hadn't been seen in Eveningstar since. She was a quiet, unassuming girl, but rumor also painted her as a woman who tried to conceal a short temper and violent streak. Besides Tessaril and a handful of others, Shevaril is the only one who knows how to open the door to her master's inner sanctum1.

Shevaril was the de facto leader of a group the Cormyr Clarion called "the Starcloaks," which may have been named either for her, or for the many-starred cloaks they each wore. Even if she was not truly their leader, Shevaril was certainly the most powerful and important of the Starcloaks, but proved to be no match for the Ebon League. When the Starcloaks attacked Lord Reardon Cormaeril during his daughter's wedding reception, Shevaril created a massive fireball meant for the Lord of Eveningstar and his family, but the brutish Tarak caught this blast with his face and spared the Cormaerils her wrath. After the battle, Tarak claimed the unconscious Shevaril's armor for himself while the Purple Dragons arrested her, preventing her body from being violated and defiled by the half-orc.

Shevaril was being held under constant guard in a magically-warded cell in Eveningstar Hall. After several nonproductive rounds of torture by Reardon Cormaeril and Wolfgang Gerhard, the Ebon League tried their hand at interrogation and finally got the facts from Shevaril; she believes Reardon to be involved in some dark (infernal?) dealings and to be responsible for Tessaril Winter's recent disappearance. After the Ebon League freed her, Shevaril locked herself away in Tessaril's Tower and allied herself with the Ebon League, Lauritz van Aken, Rodrigo Vanzetti, and their "rebel alliance."

Game Statistics

Shevaril Starcloak Level 5 Striker (Companion)
Medium natural humanoid (half-elf) XP
HP 45; Bloodied 22; Healing Surges 7; Surge Value 11 Initiative +3
AC 20, Fortitude 18, Reflex 18, Will 18 Perception +4
Speed 6
Standard Actions
meleebasic.jpg Melee Missile (Force) ✦ At-Will
Effect: Melee 1 (one creature); 6 force damage.
rangedbasic.jpg Magic Missile (Force, Implement) ✦ At-Will
Effect: Ranged 20 (one creature); 6 force damage.
area.jpg Fireball (Fire, Implement) ✦ Daily
Attack: Area burst 3 within 20 (all enemies in burst); +10 vs Reflex
Hit: 3d6 + 4 fire damage.
Miss: Half damage.
Move Actions
Expeditious RetreatEncounter
Effect: Shevaril shifts twice her speed.
Skills Arcana +11, Bluff +9, Religion +11
Str 10 (+2) Dex 12 (+3) Wis 11 (+2)
Con 13 (+3) Int 19 (+6) Cha 14 (+4)
Alignment Unaligned; Languages Common

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