Silver Company

The Silver Company is an adventuring party active throughout the Silver Marches, famous for their exploits in the village of Deadsnows, the dungeon of Khundrukar, and the Moonwood. Their articles of incorporation were drafted in 1374 DR, and their coat of arms was registered with the High Heralds in 1375 DR. The military stronghold of the Silver Company is the keep known as Silverhome in the Cold Vale. The original headquarters of the Silver Company was the Wyvern's Tail tavern in Deadsnows, but their appointed manager Pavel Renoir has also established an extremely successful mercenary company in Silverymoon.



The Silver Company is dedicated to [what's our mission fellas?]


The Silver Company maintains good relations with organizations such as the Harpers and the People of the Black Blood, churches such as those of Lathander, Torm, and Eilistraee, and are champions of villages such as Deadsnows and Quaervarr. However, they count among their enemies the Zhentarim, the churches of Bane and Cyric, the drow of Menzoberranzan, and the orcs of the Kingdom of Many-Arrows.

Experience Points Level 3 900 XP - 2700 XP
1,345 XP 2,700 XP

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