Also Known As Forgehome, Khundrukar
Region Silver Marches
Power Center Plutocracy
Alignment Good
Authority Figures The Silver Company
Population ~100

Silverhome, called Forgehome by the dwarves who live there, is a mountainside keep belonging to the Silver Company, built atop the ruins of the citadel Khundrukar. It officially falls under the jurisdiction of Citadel Adbar and its King, Harbromm, but is left to its own devices, for better or worse. Located on the northern edge of the Cold Vale, roads lead to-and-from both Citadel Adbar and Citadel Felbarr overland as well as through the Underdark.

Once a threat to the surrounding area, the majority of orcs and goblinoids who once inhabited this region have been forced north toward the Spine of the World, and the dreaded Grimlight has been seldom seen over the past few months. A few enterprising human settlers, mostly from Silverymoon and Sundabar, have begun to establish homesteads in the Cold Vale, but so far few have met with success, the area still plagued by harsh winters and ravenous predators. The summer growing season is too short for farming, so most of these homesteaders make their living through other means, such as rothé ranching or fur trading.

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