Snak Tubb

The Snak Tubb (commonly mistranslated as the Snake Tuba) is a holy relic and divine snack receptacle blessed by the goddess Chauntea. It is properly a +2 blessed everfull bowl of salty snacks and sugary sweets (Adventurer's Vault 1.5, pp. 69), and it takes the form of an unending chalice filled with barbecue potato chips, sourdough pretzels, white cheddar popcorn, puffed-style cheese-flavored snack product, generic Oreo-themed sandwich cookies, peanut butter on cheese dust crackers, Reese's Pieces, AnneMaarie Randle El Chex Mix, Mentos (the freshmaker), and pepperoni pizza Combos. It can support up to six humanoids indefinitely, or eight humanoids for the duration of one Lord of the Rings extended edition marathon (11 hours and 22 minutes, plus potty breaks).

History of the Snak Tubb

The Snack Tubb was believed to be lost for centuries, until it was bought by an antiquities dealer from a grossly-overpowered 3rd Edition adventuring party in 1358 DR. It was later sold to a member of the lesser nobility in Tilverton, but it was soon taken as spoils by invading hobgoblins during the Goblin War of 1371, who in turn lost it when the Silver Company reclaimed the dungeon Khundrukar. When Respen Tuin's Kozakuran girlfriend Yoko caused the Silver Company to break up in 1379 DR and their holdings were sold at a magical auction in Silverymoon, it was bought by Reardon Cormaeril, a politician from Cormyr. It remained in Lord Cormaeril's possession until it was re-appropriated by Tarak of the Ebon League in 1385 DR.

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