Son of the Orc King

The Son of the Orc King adventures marked the pre-formation of the Silver Company. Although the characters were well aware of the significance of the orcs in the area, they pushed their luck in effort to maximize their adventuring credibility.

The discovery of the orc presence was quite by surprise. The orcs may have been surprised as well, but they played a solid offensive line against the Silver Company's almost accidental arrangement. Luckily, the scouts' leader fell before the entire company was overrun. The company fell back to Deadsnows, fearing a full scale assault. This threat not materializing, they followed the orc trail back to an abandoned mine in Mount Oervhek.

The Silver Company would not be set upon unawares by the orcs this time. Thulsa Doomhammer prepared an arcane arsenal worthy of a proper battle. Zichew Bejiad prepared the clerics to protect the town in case the heroes were not successful. Qawm and Ivellios Thornblade contacted the Nether Mountain druids with similar warning.

The adventurers stormed the dwarven mine, taking the foyer and kitchen chambers swiftly, smashing the orcs under their mght. The team followed a flaming mine cart into the lower chamber, assaulting the a force of the orcs among the stalagmites and cart wreckage. The heroes fought right to the personal chambers of Ugreth, the orc-prince, son of Obould Many-Arrows. His personal guard fell and Ugreth was captured by Paron Andris.

Not to be deceived, surprised, or denied treasure, the Silver Company pressed to the bottom of the mine. It was in these lower chambers that the company met the real force of the orcs, and of several ogres. The team rallied, held the archway in the passage, and the orcs were broken upon sword and spell.

As was their duty as adventurers, the team gathered and freed what slaves they found. Zichew got into some trouble with an enigmatic fey crossroad in the depths of the mine, killing a few curious goblins in the process. The team prepared their belongings, fed and dressed the slaves, and rested before marching their weary bodies back to town.

The heroes encounter with the orcs was drawing to a close, but adventure was not far behind. The company made to leave, towing slaves, an orc-prince, and chests of treasure, but a formidable troll had found the mine and was now demanding an audience with those present. The Silver Company, in no order to fight and with no time to consider the situation, appeased the troll with compliments and orc women. Some of the company accepted this scenario and others were uncertain of their part in this dark scheme.

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