The Sons of Suns and the Knights of Nights

The Sons of Suns and the Knights of Nights are two fictional knightly orders canonized in parable by the church of Amaunator. The Sons of Suns are a virtuous order of paladins who live within the Morninglord's light, who champion the causes of lawful goodness and righteousness. The Knights of Nights are a chaotic evil order who lived outside of the Sunlord's glory, tainted by sin and vice. These two orders wage an eternal battle, each embodying one of the fourteen virtues and vices recognized by the church of Amaunator, which represents the eternal battle for every man's soul.

The Sons of Suns The Knights of Nights
Paladin Virtue Blackguard Vice
Caritas Charity Geiz Greed
Castitas Chastity Wollust Lust
Humanitas Kindness Neid Envy
Humilitas Humility Hochmut Pride
Industria Diligence Faulheit Sloth
Patientia Patience Zorn Wrath
Temperantia Temperance Völlerei Gluttony

The Sons of Suns and the Knights of Nights commonly appear in stained glass, frescoes, and statuary in the many Amaunatori churches and cathedrals throughout northwestern and interior Faerûn. The Sons of Suns are typically depicted as paladins or clerics in brilliant golden plate armor with white or red surcoats, and the Knights of Nights are usually the undead or blackguards wearing wicked black plate and coated in the blood of the innocent. Each of these figures is typically depicted with iconography representing his or her virtue or vice, such as a laurel branch or sack of coins.


If you hadn't yet realized, I am playing this one pretty straight; the church of Amaunator is a placeholder for the Roman Catholic church, and these are the seven heavenly virtues and seven deadly sins. The names of the heavenly virtues are in Latin because it sounds "good" (like going to church), and the names of the deadly sins are in German because it sounds "bad" (like being a Nazi).

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