When the changes the Spellplague induce in a creature lie under the skin, concealed by a facade of normalcy, that creature is called spellscarred. Although many folk see spellscars as marks of abomination, dooming those who have them to exile, others have learned to master the abilities granted by their spellscars.

Gaining a Spellscar

Any creature can be spellscarred. Exposure to the Spellplague in any form can cause the condition, and some individuals become spellscarred without ever going near a dangerous land or creature. If you want your character to have a spellscar, you can choose this option when you create your character—or you can add a spellscar later, after consulting with your Dungeon Master.

  • Spellscarred Susceptibility: A spellscarred creature takes a –2 penalty to all defenses and saving throws against the Spellplague and the same penalty against plaguechanged or spellscarred creatures.
  • Spellplague Sense: A spellscarred creature knows when an area of Spellplague, or a plaguechanged or spellscarred creature, is within 5 squares of him or her.

Creating a Spellscarred

Many creatures have spellscars that don't provide them with special abilities—they’re simply disfigured as the result of the Spellplague or its aftermath. In contrast, a spellscarred character is someone who has learned how to harness the energy contained in his or her spellscar.

To master a spellscar, you need rigorous mental discipline and the courage to experiment with the energy of the Spellplague and wield it as a tools. The first step is to take the Student of the Plague multiclass feat. This feat grants you a specific trait of your spellscar (see the Student of the Plague feat below). By taking the Novice Power, Acolyte Power, or Adept Power power-swap feats (see page 209 of the Player's Handbook), you can then exchange powers of your class for one or more of the Spellscarred powers (see page 41 of the Forgotten Realms Player's Gudie).

Although being spellscarred is sometimes a physical abnormality, most often it manifests as an intangible mark that appears only when you use a spellscarred power. An active spellscar might appear as jagged cracks of blue light racing across the forearms and hands, a corona of azure flame, a blazing blue glyph on the forehead, or even wings of cobalt flame. In all instances, blue fire is a sure indicator of the presence of a spellscar.

Student of the Plague [Multiclass Spellscarred]

Prerequisite: You have a spellscar
Benefit: You gain the ability to focus your spellscar to useful ends. You qualify for the Novice Power, Acolyte Power, and Adept Power feats, treating spellscarred as the class into which you have multiclassed. You also choose one trait from the following list. (Your DM might create other traits to add to this list, or allow you to devise one of your own.)

  • Sight of the Unseen: You have darkvision extending 1 square in all directions that you can turn on and off at will. When your darkvision is on, your eyes are backlit with a dancing blue flame.
  • Flamespeed: Once per encounter as a minor action, you gain a +1 bonus to speed or a +2 bonus to speed if you charge or run. The bonus lasts until the end of your next turn. Blue flame momentarily licks the ground where your feet touch it.
  • Larger than Life: Once per day as a free action, your hands flare with a blue glow and you add 1 to the reach of an attack you make.
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