Konrad Dragonguard (MM3)
Konrad Dragonguard Level 11 Elite Soldier
Medium natural humanoid XP 1,000
HP 212; Bloodied 106 Initiative +7
AC 27, Fortitude 25, Reflex 21, Will 23 Perception +8
Speed 5
Saving Throws +2
Action Points 1
Standard Actions
basicmelee.jpg Bastard sword (weapon) ✦ At-Will
+16 vs AC; 1d10+10 damage.
melee.jpg Holy Smite (divine, radiant, weapon) ✦ At-Will
+16 vs AC; 3d6+10 radiant damage.
close.jpg Holy Sweep (divine, radiant, weapon) ✦ At-Will
Close burst 1; +16 vs AC; 2d6+7 radiant damage.
melee.jpg Thunder Smite (divine, thunder, weapon) ✦ Encounter
+16 vs AC; 4d6+10 thunder damage, and the target is knocked prone.
Second Wind (healing) ✦ Encounter
Konrad spends a healing surge and regains 53 hit points. He gains a +2 bonus to all defenses until the start of his next turn.
Minor Actions
close.jpg Divine Challenge (divine, radiant) ✦ At-Will
Close burst 5; targets one creature; the target is marked until Konrad uses this power against another target. If the target makes an attack that doesn't include Konrad as a target, the target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls and 6 radiant damage.
Divine Strength (divine) ✦ Encounter
Konrad applies his Strength bonus (+5) as extra damage on his next attack this turn.
Triggered Actions
Purple Dragon's RebukeAt-Will
Trigger: Konrad is hit by a melee attack
Effect: Konrad makes a melee basic attack.
Skills Diplomacy +11, Religion +11
Str 20 (+10) Dex 11 (+5) Wis 16 (+8)
Con 10 (+5) Int 13 (+6) Cha 12 (+6)
Alignment Lawful good; Languages Common, Supernal
Equipment bastard sword, plate armor.

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