Stéphane "Steve" Fournier was a mercenary from Zhentil Keep. In 1374 DR he signed on with a caravan bound for the Silver Marches and transported supplies across the Anauroch under the suspicious supervision of a cleric of Bane and (unknowingly) under the watchful eye of Forcas Forneus, upon his blue dragon mount.

Upon arriving in Deadsnows, Steve was contracted to perform several services for Forcas, who he learned to despise. When the Silver Company broke the Skymage's control over Lady Icespear, Steve broke his contract with the Zhentarim and briefly aided the Silver Company. In the great hall of the Icespear House, Steve was badly beaten by Forcas Forneus and accidentally hit with an arrow (meant for Forcas) by Respen Tuin. Steve was bleeding to death when the Skymage's dragon unleashed his breath weapon, killing both Steve and Thulsa Doomhammer.

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