Order of the Sun Soul

The monks of Amaunator belonged to the Brotherhood of the Sun, an association of itinerant monks who served the faithful in the field, bringing the comforting words of Amaunator to the peasants and common folk and preserving order throughout the land. Although the Brotherhood survived the fall of Netheril and the death of Amaunator, it never coalesced around a proper successor. Instead, each monastery chose its own deity to serve, with most eventually gravitating to Lathander or Selûne, but a few choosing Sune Firehair. Today, the Brotherhood of the Sun is known as the Order of the Sun Soul, and the group's original association with the church of Amaunator has been largely forgotten. The order now admits both men and women, but retains its itinerant nature and ancestral focus on serving the common folk of the Realms.

They are a widespread order but their largest monastery is the Monastery of the Sun in Waterdeep. It was set up there because of its proximity to temples of Lathander, Selûne and Sune. The heads of these temples condemn the monastery as heretical due the the abbot Hanor Kichavo's belief that Amaunator has become a tri-partite deity like Angharradh of the Seldarine and that Lathander, Selûne & Sune are his aspects. Although his preaching has gained him the ire of these temples, it has made him the most widely recognized and respected person amongst the order as a whole.

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