Survey Results

Survey results are in! Some of you tried to be conscientious objectors, but in doing so made your thoughts clear anyway. Here are the conclusions that one or some of you seem to have reached regarding our current campaign. While you may agree with some, none, or all of these, it certainly does paint a pretty clear picture that strongly correlates to my style as a Dungeon Master.

In the coming weeks, I will work with you to formulate a plan to encourage more of the things we like, and to discourage or correct a lot of the things we don't. For the time being, treat the raw data as just that—let's not try to draw too many conclusions at this time.

Likes and Dislikes

All the likes and dislikes from your survey replies have been paraphrased below. If you have a specific question or would like to address anything on this list, feel free to utilize the discussion options at the bottom of this page.


  • Sound campaign setting continuity and world-building
  • Non-player characters have detailed backgrounds and personality
  • Good encounter balance between exploration, roleplaying, and combat
  • Good encounter balance between easy, standard, and hard encounters
  • Unique combat encounter elements (i.e. the wedding reception)
  • Relaxed gameplay atmosphere
  • Good selection of drinks and snacks


  • Insufficient descriptions of non-player characters (i.e. more than appearance)
  • Insufficient use of player character backstory in-game
  • Adventure hooks are irrelevant to characters (find a puppy? really?)
  • Too much out-of-character chatter
  • Poor encounter pacing (need more extended rests)
  • Too much favoritism in skill checks
  • Too many game night cancellations
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