The Fall of the House of Icespear

The Fall of the House of Icespear was one of the Silver Company's last adventures in the town of Deadsnows. At the time, it was their hardest-fought and most meaningful victory.


Having just dealt with the orc captain Ugreth (the son of King Obould Many-Arrows), Ivellios Thornblade, Thulsa Doomhammer, and Zichew Bejiad arrived at the Icespear House to inform the Lady of their victory. The Harper agent Evendur Moonbeam, who wanted to copy Ugreth's plans, asked Paron Andris, Qawm, and Respen Tuin to recover them from Thulsa.

The body of Mannock, Captain of the Watch, was found hanged in Lady Icespear's great hall. He returned to life as a ghast and attacked the Silver Company, but was killed before he wrought any havoc. Paron Andris removed Mannock's head and cast it into the fireplace in the dining hall, presumably to prevent his body from returning to life again.

Lady Icespear's home had been overrun by ghouls and ghasts. The Silver Company fought through the mansion, slaying every undead they encountered. In total, more than one hundred people had died. Though many of these were corpses purchased by the Zhentarim post mortem, others were servants of the Icespear House, slaves from the Silver Marches and the Moonsea, thugs and brigands from Snowtown, Zhentarim corpses created by the Silver Company and clerics of Bane killed by their own undead servants.


Several people survived the initial ghoul infection, including Lady Icespear, Rhiva Stormevik and two guards, a Damaran mercenary, a piano player, and a librarian. Of these, only Lady Icespear and the piano player escaped the Icespear House alive. The Silver Company was indirectly responsible only for the death of the librarian; the others were killed by Forcas Forneus.

Lady Icespear was freed from a mind-affecting enchantment spell and shared what little she knew about the Zhentarim Skymage Forcas Forneus. He and his blue dragon mount fought a difficult battle with the Silver Company, and the adventuring band eventually came out on top. He fled into the wilderness cursing their names.

Qawm and Thulsa Doomhammer were killed during this adventure. Thulsa was resurrected by the clerics of the Hospice of Marthammor, and the Silver Company recruited Drago Lundgren, a Sun Soul monk, to fill Qawm's vacant position.

The paladin of Torm Girard Velius had been slain by Forcas Forneus and his Banite clerics, and had been resurrected as a ghast. He did battle with the Silver Company but was slain by Paron Andris. His body crumbled to dust upon his death and Paron requisitioned his armor, but could not find his holy symbol.

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