The Forge of Fury

At long last the Silver Company breached Durgeddin's final gate and entered the Forge of Fury. They found it overrun by duergar, though fear of one-another's strength of arms and a lack of strategic intelligence stayed the hands of both sides. Both groups were soon beset by an allip and a horde of wights. The corporeal undead were defeated, but the apparition managed to escape.

When Nimira, leader of this band of gray dwarves, presented herself to the Silver Company, Thulsa Doomhammer offered to her his services as a diviner. She accepted, but this did not sit well with her lieutenant Ghared, who attacked those who remained behind. This small rebellion was quelled with the aid of Rakwor, Nimira's most trusted lieutenant. Unfortunately for her, Rakwor was a monk who faced off against Drago Lundgren and lost by the most narrow margin, and was killed.


Investigating the "glyph" the duergar were guarding, much to the chagrin of Nimira's wizard Snurrevin, Thulsa and Zichew Bejiad made contact with the ghost Arundil. Zichew entered a pocket dimension the cleric had constructed for himself, and was soon joined by Drago and Paron Andris. The spirit's destruction left them stranded in the ethereal plane.

The remaining members of the Silver Company (Thulsa, Ivellios Thornblade, and Respen Tuin) were captured by the duergar. Ivellios and Respen were taken to the cells beneath the glitterhame, while Thulsa was taken to Arundil's chambers. Here he met the sorceress Felicia Morgenstern, and they escaped together and met up with the elves, who had also freed themselves. When Ghared and Snurrevin set up a secret conference, the Silver Company attacked from concealment and killed them both. Two polymorph spells later, Thulsa and Felicia took command of the duergar and sent the majority of them to their deaths at the hand of the dragon Nightscale.

With Zichew, Paron, and Drago returning from an adventure in Nesmé, the Silver Company was reunited just in time to face off against Nimira. She was powerful, but the Silver Company had a numerical advantage which they leveraged, and she was overcome. Venturing deeper into the caves, the heroes found the dragon Nightscale within her fetid lake. Both sides fought hard, but it was the Silver Company's preparations that ultimately won the day.

The Silver Company and the dwarves under Thorin Ironhand continued through the Underdark until they reached Citadel Adbar.

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