The House of the Morning

The House of the Morning is a massive, spire-topped cathedral to Amaunator (formerly Lathander) in the village of Eveningstar, Cormyr. It is the most ornate and second-tallest building in Eveningstar (behind Tessaril's Tower), and many Evenor are counted among its flock, more than doubling those whose patron deity is Chauntea, the next popular religion.

Under the leadership of Patriarch Charisbonde "Trueservant" Belon, this wealthy and influential temple complex farms and invests in the new businesses and bold ventures of others with vigor and enthusiasm. The 28 priests under Belon run a very successful farm that produces herbs, nuts, plants for use in scents and medicines, and enough food to see to all village and temple needs.

The House has many important sites, such as the grand worship hall, confessionals, library, reliquary, sepulcher (reserved for clergy, paladins, and martyrs), graveyard (for most citizens), cloisters, and an orphanage.

People of the House of the Morning

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