The Lonesome Tankard

The Lonesome Tankard is a busy (and at times overcrowded) inn and tavern also serves as Eveningstar's restaurant. Inside, it's warm and inviting in a rustic roadhouse sort of way. Most of the villagers gather here to dine every night or to chat over a quaff of ale later in the evening. The Tankard's fame is increasing steadily as more and more caravan travelers discover it. It's famous as a past base of the Knights of Myth Drannor and the former favorite stopover of the King's Men when Azoun IV was a young prince-adventurer in that band.

The Tankard is run by Dunman Kiriag, a jovial, kind man who's deadly with a hurled dagger but seemingly a friend to everyone. The Tankard has two floors of guest bedchambers, a rentable private meeting and/or dining room off the main taproom, and no stables. Dunman rents stalls in the stables due west, across the road for the use of his guests.

The Lonesome Tankard is an enjoyable and very reasonable place to stay in pleasant surroundings that is strategically located at the juncture of two major trade roads. As many caravan merchants have found, it's an ideal stop. Caravans can camp due east of the inn, across the river, and use the Starwater freely for bathing and watering their beasts.

People of the Lonesome Tankard

Dunman Kiriag is the proprietor of The Lonesome Tankard. The head chef is Fatback Stonegut, who is assisted by a rotating roster of short-order cooks, keg-tappers, brewers, and vintners. The three barmaids are Charlotte Laursen, Kylie Proskar, and Mara Greenleaf, and a handful of chambermaids keep the Tankard tidy.

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