The Wyvern's Nest

The Wyvern’s Nest adventures tell the tale of the Silver Company’s humble beginnings. The story begins with six unrelated adventurers following their fortunes towards the town of Deadsnows.


The six strangers found themselves in the Wildlands Rest, a tavern north of Deadsnows. Each had come for a personal reason. Ivellios Thornblade sought revenge for a blood crime. Thulsa Doomhammer was fleeing the dangers of a dark past. Paron Andris was pursuing religious enemies. Qawm was seeking the answers to his own heritage. Zichew Bejiad had come on a quest for knowledge. Respen Tuin was simply looking to turn a quick platinum.

Ivellios and Respen, trusting only the company of elvenkind, made south for Deadsnows together. On the road, they discovered the torn remains of a Zhentarim caravan. The attackers’ identity is not a mystery for long. From the black of night emerged a vicious pair of worgs. The canines set upon the elves, but Ivellios and Respin drove them off with blade and arrow.

Knowing the dangers of the road, the remaining adventurers banded together with Paron and his paladin companions. This group stumbled upon the survivors of the Zhent caravan. Sensing the opportunity to weaken the Baneite presence in the region, Paron hastily assaulted the camp. Thulsa, Zichew, and Qawm are quickly pulled into the ensuing fray. A deft flanking maneuver by the nearby elves ensured a swift victory and safe passage to Deadsnows.

The normally sleepy town of Deadsnows proved to be anything but dull. A recent gold rush had swelled the town’s population with a cast of sordid characters living in a squalid shantytown just outside the town wall. Unable to receive a warm reception at Deadsnows proper, the heroes delved into the shanty village of Snowtown. At the heart of this wretched hive of scum and villainy was the Vandarhouse, a barn-turned-tavern to suit the tastes of Snowtown’s dregs. While most of the heroes attempted to blend into the crowd, Thulsa’s pride quickly ran him afoul of a half-orc bartender. In the ensuing chase, the party stumbled into Vandar’s personal office. Ivellios recognized one of Vandar’s half-orc associates as an accomplice to the murder of his family. Chaos erupted again as Ivellios released a hail of arrows into the small room, killing the half-orc and forcing Vandar to flee into the night. Sensing the gravity of the situation and the danger to their reputation, the heroes quickly planted evidence to pin the murder on the bartender and left the Vandarhouse.

Later that night Respen was attacked by one of the worgs from the road. The beast overcame Respen and dragged him into the darkness.

The following morning Paron, Qawm, and Zichew learned from Ashnar the Humble about the perils of the region and current state of the town. In an effort to restore their already tarnished reputation, the heroes consent to stop a mysterious monster from preying on the local farmers' and shepherds' livestock. Respen, who was saved from the worgs by the local druid Feldys Oakshadow, rejoined his companions.


After an uneventful evening watching over the flocks, Qawm and Ivellios decided to lead the group into the wilds of Mount Grimfang in search of the beast. The thin mountain air made the difficult climb even more treacherous. At the rocky summit, the heroes discovered a large nest housing a sleeping wyvern. All attempts were made to approach the beast without waking it, but all was for naught. The wyvern awoke and launched an aerial assault against the land-bound heroes. Although it held the high ground, the wily wyvern fell to a barrage of magical attacks courtesy of Thulsa, Qawm, and Zichew.

The trip down Mount Grimfang proved to be just as difficult for Qwam, Thulsa, Respen, and Paron, who, although bloodied and exhausted by the battle, were under the extra burden of weighty treasures and trophies from the creature’s nest. The less treasure-laden Zichew and Ivellios descended the mountain first only to be confronted by the malevolent worg pair. A flurry of arrows and bolts killed one of the canines and forced the other to flee back into the wilderness.

The adventure of the Wyvern’s Nest would forever cement the heroes’ reputation in Deadsnows, especially amongst the farmers. However, the confrontation with the worgs would also set the stage for a grander adventure yet to come.

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