Tilldale Dourswill
Tilldale Dourswill
Race Halfling
Heroic Class Rogue 4
Alignment Good
Patron Deity Tymora?
Player Jim Stadalnikas
Tilldale Dourswill

Tilldale Dourswill is a halfling rogue from Luskan on the Sword Coast. He steals from the rich and immoral to give to himself and his brethren, and donates to good causes to atone for his gang-banging (the bad kind) past.


Tilldale was never expected to amount to anything in his life. He was born out of wedlock and generally regarded as a nuesance by his mother, always wanting "food" or "attention". Grawing ever tired of his constant demands of her time, Tilldale was thrown out on the streets about the time he was self sufficient enough to leave the house without his mother. Growing up as a street urchin in Luskan, Tilldale quickly learned how to fight,steal and run away, as well as how to keep from being caught. He quickly fell into favor with a few of the local bandit gangs due to his inherit talents and abilities.

Tilldale quickly climbed the ranks of the ragtag criminal empire and started to feel as though he had finally had a group to belong to, having never had a real family. One night there was a mark that seemed to good to be true, an old wealthy man had hired on of the gang members as a guard, not knowing he was a wolf in sheep's clothing. The gang had planned to use thier "in" guy to keep everything opened up one night, so they could ransak the house and take everything inside. In order to make sure no one could identify anyone, the old man was going to be killed during the attempt and his body disposed of in the harbor. Unbeknown to Tilldale, the day of the scheduled robbery the old man had family stop by for a surprise visit, His daughter, her husband, and four grandchildren. When the robbery went down, Tilldale confronted the leader of the gang, not wanting to force these children to endure the same fate he had as essentialy an orphaned street urchin. In a display of brutality, the gang simply responded with a silent nod, and proceeded to kill the children as well. It was then that Tilldale realized what it was he became, he flew into a rage, becoming a tornado of flashing steel, cutting down his former comrades and send daggers into their flesh 5 inches deep. It wasn't until the gangs leader caught him with his own dagger that Tilldale stopped. The remnants of the gang quickly set on him, stabbing and slicing, and ultimately leaving Tilldale to die in the house as they finished stealing everything.

Tilldale regained consciousness to see a scene of complete butchery, children, men, women, and former friends were heaped in the room. The sun just starting to enter the house through the windows. Knowing that if he stayed he would surely be executed for his parts at the crime scene, Tilldale fled into the alleyways and shadows. Once healed enough that he knew he wasnt going to die from his wounds, he slipped on board a merchant vessel as a stowaway. Where the ship was going didnt matter, only that it went far enough for him to start a new life, and find a new purpose. One day he would return to clean the filth and scum from the city of his birth, but until then he had a lot of soul searching to do.


"Your friends are holding you back, without you they would never have succeeded" Parla Cranewings words echoed throughout Tilldale as the wizard dissipated into shadowy fog. His words, after all, were true, had illdale not allowed himself to be catapulted into the air in an attempt to bring the flying wizard down, his "friends" would never have gotten a real opportunity to dispatch the wizard. Either way he was keeping the amulet left by the wizard as his own trophy.

Over the next few days, Tilldale became more and more distant from his comrades. Eventually he left the Order of the Golden Lions, stating that he felt he needed to return to Luskan for a little bit. That was the last time Tilldale was seen….

The Silver Company

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