Tilverton Scar

The Tilverton Scar is a Plagueland in the Stonelands of northeastern Cormyr. It was once Tilverton, a small village in the mouth of Tilver's Gap, a strategic gap in the Thunder Peaks providing access to Arabel, Shadowdale, and Hillsfar.

In 1372 DR, Tilverton was attacked by the Shade Enclave, the returned Empire of Netheril. The village was utterly destroyed, leaving only a conclave space filled with darkness and shadow. With the onset of the Spellplague, the Tilverton Scar was transformed into Cormyr's only known plagueland, a swirling mass of darkness and blue fire.

The majority of the villagers who lived outside of Tilverton's walls and survived the Netherese attack have fled to Arabel, but some refused to leave and have no intention of fleeing the Spellplague, either. These stubborn folk eke out a meager existence farming and ranching the lowlands of Tilver's Gap.

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